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-: Some Common Terminology used in IT :-

1). Hardware:

Hardware is a terminology in IT which means Physical Object or Electronic Device that can touch by human. E.g. Monitor which resembles like Television Set which used to see output, Printer, Mouse, Keyboard, System Unit to name a few.

2). Software:

Software means bunch of a program instruct a computer to do Process Analysis on given input (here we mean Instruction) which finally comes as Output on Out Put Device. A program is a Set of Instruction, and a Set of / Bunch of Program makes Software.

E.g. Office XP, is a software used for various applications like editing and drafting letters, making presentation, doing analysis of business figures etc. it means Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms PowerPoint is a program and set of this program called Software.

Software is of three types:

A) Operating System Software:

Is a core of the Computer mean if your computer doesn’t have the Operating System you can not do anything. Operating System maintains the records of the documents you have, the software you installed and @ what location you installed the software, it makes you able to use the various devices attached to your computer. Operating Systems are of two type Network OS and Desktop OS. Microsoft Windows 2000 , Windows XP , Novell and Linux to name a few.

B) Application Software:

Is used for various application for e.g. you wants to make a presentation of your new marketing policy or you wants to show Business records of last year sale in Annual General meeting of your company MS PowerPoint lets create your presentation. Application software can be Generalized or Customized. MS Office is a example of Generalized Application Software where as Customized Application Software is what you developed it as per your requirement. For E.g. Maruti, Hundai, Honda sale cars which we can say it is generalized where as Designer “Dilip Chhabariya” designs a car as per your desire.

C) Programming Software:

Is used to develop software, it have its own native syntax and terminology as other languages have. Here when we make some instructions to computer it converts it to digital signals which is electronically known as On and Off or we say 0 and 1. The process of conversion in 0 and 1 is handled by its own compilers. Compiler works as a coordination between software and electronic devices it converts instructions into digital formats which computer understands. For example we write “Hello” is English word but computer understand only 0 and 1 @ this level compiler comes in picture it converts “Hello” into 0 and 1 which computer understands. Example of Programming software are Visual Basic, C, C++, C#, Java.

3). Firmware:

Is used to make BIOS or chipsets of your computer, BIOS stands for “Basic Input Output Statements”, other type of Firmware are BootRom for LAN.

Application: Used to Connect computer direct from Server.

4). Server:

Computer System / Software used to provide the service that runs on it , shared the resources it may have for general use it called the server.

Application: Share Costly printer over network.

5). Client / Workstation:

Computer System / Software uses the service or shared resource from a server is called a client / workstation .

These are of some basic terminology now I am briefing some new and advanced techies for you:

6). LAN:

Local Area Network, it’s setup computer to make optimum use and utilization of resources of each computer, it is located in Local Area wiz an office building, company, school, institute. For example : a school have 15 computers in their computer lab they connect it using cables each other to utilize the resource and it helps you to save your valued time also and though its shared its secure.

7). MAN:

Metropolitan Area Network, computer networks connects each other in single city or town or Giant Enterprise @ single location but distance location it is called MAN.

8). WAN:

Wide Area Network, computer Network connects to each other whether it is single city or another city or anywhere across world is called WAN.

9). Database:

It is an Application Software which is used to store data @ Central location in various formats in organized manner. It’s are of two type DBMS ( DataBase Management System) and RDBMS (Relation DataBase Management System). Ms ACCESS , MS SQL Server,Ingres,SYBASE,MySql,Oracle are example of DBMS.

10). Firewall:

Software that stops Intruders / Hackers to attack to your network, it filter incoming data from Internet / Extranet / Intranet to local area network.

Application: Filter Incoming/Outgoing data from lan to lan or outside the lan.

11). Virus:

Virus is software created by very intellegent developer to destruct your computer system and data as whole its destructive software.

Application: Intentionally developed software to damaged computer system or sensitive data.

12). Anti – Virus:

A software used to detect Virus and remove it from your computer.

Application: Detect and remove Virus.

13). Hacking:

A method used to break in to your computer system to get your confidential data or destruct your data.

Application: Misuse of the knowledge they have to break into a computer system / network Un-Authorized to theft or damage sensitive data.

14). Cracking:

A method used to crack / break Software to create pirated version.

Application: To Share or redistribute the license software.

15). Web Server:

Web Server is software used to run the web service. Ms IIS

Apache to name a few. It lets you run your web site in your LAN / Internet / Intranet / Extranet.

Application: Useful to Run a website.

16). Upload:

When files / Data are copied to server from your PC or any location its called as Upload.

17). Download:

When files / Data are copied from server or any location to your PC is called as Download.

18). FTP Server:

File Transmission Protocol , used to Upload / Download files between your PC to Server or vice versa.

Security Mechanism to store / Transfer Data over Secure Connection Using SSL or Encryption / Decryption :

19). SSL:

Secure Socket Layer ,a protocol developed to provide Secure Data Transfer over the Internet or Network. it can be of 48 bit , 64 bit , 96 bit or 128 bit Encryption layer & Decryption layer.

20). Encryption:

Encryption is a process / method that converts single character into some another characters (it varies as per method chage). For example we sent data is “a” it stored encrypted as 89D42A44E77140AAAAD3B435B51404EE:C5663434F

21). Decryption:

While data been need to read than it is reversed using the same mechanism that used in Encryption, it reverse the string (called Decryption).

21). Internet:

Is a network of Networks ,developed in 1964 @ America. Mainy Defence Department of America has developed a Network afterwards they permit University to join in the group to share the project information among students and then too many networks join each other that known as Internet today. Mainly used to provide information on various topics ,development, news, Community group. The main purpose of internet is to share the information.

Applications: Email ,Music ,Movie ,Development (Software ,website)

22). Graphics :

Software that used to make Business Presentations , Still and Moving Animations, Multimedia Presentation. Some of the software are:

Flash = Used to make Animation movie ,business presentation.

Photoshop and CorelDraw = Used to make Still and Moving Images.