SQL Server security best practice

Security! This is the word comes in mind of every concerned person when it come...

Change the Collation Settings in MS SQL Server

This post will show you how to change the collation settings in MS SQL Server for specific database...

Resolve collation conflict

In this post I will show you how you can resolve collation conflict error...

Book: SQL Server 2008 High Availability

In this book I have tried to cover every single piece of information that might requires for installing and configuring SQL Server HA option like Clustering, Replication, Log Shipping and Database Mirroring...

Why to recompile Stored Procedure

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Hi All,
today when i googling i reckon for GMAIL Drive , i google it to find out that still project is continue or not here is a link for GMAIL Drive project on source forge http://pgd.sourceforge.net/ and http://www.viksoe.dk/code/gmail.htm its damn easy working with this you can backup your important document with this tool , it provides funcationality for backup of documents by just drag and drop .


MSN Screen Saver

Today i have download MSN Screen Saver, you can personlized it the way wants you can add RSS feeds as per your choice , you can the whether information of your city,can display photos,can see news also.... nice Screen Saver.


A Web Forum for IT Professional and Student

Dear All,
we have started a Web Forum for IT pepole , out main goal is to serve our best to the society , students of the IT Colleges and IT Professionals by this we can share the knowledge and help peers and offcourse we can also learn something new.
Hope you will also enjoy with us ....
I must give credit to my friend Neelesh Desai to support me to host the Web Forum on his website , Developement team of the Snitz to develop such a good software.
here is a URL of our Forum hosted Aastha Computers
http://www.aasthacomputers.com/forum or



Auditing MS SQL DML Statements

i have wrote an article on "Auditing MS SQL DML Statements" , how to Audit insert / update / delete statements to get information from which system and who execute the statements , this will gives you power to audit your database without third party software. It uses INSERTED and DELETED tables to get the records that are updated/deleted and inserted.
click here to read full article.

Backup Non System Database at Once

To take backup of MS SQL Non System Database at once, i have wrote a small script for that , click here to read MS SQL Script .