Integration Services (SSIS) in SQL Server Cluster

Often the question being asked is "How can I install SSIS in SQL Cluster" or "How to run DTS/SSIS package in cluster when SSIS is not running"

You can very much run DTS/SSIS package in SQL Server Cluster even when SSIS is not runing. So, what all you need to run DTS/SSIS package on SQL Server Cluster!! All you require is dtexec.exe or dtexecui.exe to execute the DTS/SSIS package. Apart from this, you may use SQL Agent to schedule a job to run DTS Package.

The fact is SQL Server Integration Service(SSIS) is not cluster aware service, hence it won't support fail-over. Although, if you still want to Install/Configure SQL Server Integration Service on SQL Server Cluster here are the reference
Install SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS) on SQL Server Cluster or Configure SSIS for SQL Server Cluster



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