DATABASE_OBJECT_CHANGE_GROUP do not audit SP or other object

Deepak Kumar (friend of mine and founder of http://www.sqlknowledge.com )  were chatting yesterday. We were discussing about audit feature in SQL 2008, Deepak has enabled this feature for one of his client since month. And when he was looking at the log he found that there were entries but they are related to Tables only, and not other objects like SP(s). 
We were discussing and google about the same and found an entry in connect where in it was answered.  

If we need the other objects to be audited we have to add SCHEMA_OBJECT_CHANGE_GROUP to the audit specification. Here is an excerpt from the connect:
Thanks for your feedback. The behaviour you're seeing is by-design. In order to audit CREATE/DROP of an SP, you need to add the SCHEMA_OBJECT_CHANGE_GROUP to your audit specification. The DATABASE_OBJECT_CHANGE_GROUP is actually auditing the ALTER permission check on the SCHEMA as part of the CREATE statement. 

You can find the complete entry and more information at connect article  

-- Hemantgiri S. Goswami (http://www.sql-server-citation.com )



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