Revamping Surat User Group

Dear Friends, we had a user group meeting last week – I and Vinay Pugalia was  here. We have discussed many things to revamp and re-launch Surat User Group. Here are the minutes of meeting:

1) Regular Meetings -> Monthly, Proposed schedule :Saturday evening, 1900 to 2000

2) Regular Events -> 1 every 2 months, 1 workshop every quarter

3) Decide and form SUG Website, with Blog,Forums section, Facebook page and twitter handle

4) Press Notes after every event

5) Help from CSI Surat -> Have to meet, discuss and encourage Local IT professional to join and PARTICIPATE

6) Seminars/ Workshop :-free, TBS on weekends (Sat-Sun) to have discussion with Professional / Students

7) Different topics and technology, every time has 1 continue and 1 different topic

8) Initially we'll take session and then, we'll encourage others to take sessions and like that

9) Form Core Team & Backup Team

10) Role definition and Role assignment

11) Encourage new speaker to start with very basic topics to build their confidence

12) More Online activities etc.

13) Ask speakers to provide technology they can confidently speak

-- Hemantgiri S. Goswami (http://www.sql-server-citation.com )



  1. Let me know whenever you need any kind of input/action from CSI Surat chapter. We at CSI are always there to support I.T. related activities.
    -Tejesh Patel


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