SQLPASS SUMMIT 2016 Discount Code

SQLPASS SUMMIT 2016 is around, only few months left for this super event. Probably you all would have heard about the SQLPASS SUMMIT but let me just brief you about this event. This event happens every year during October in different cities in USA, 3 days event. Well, you would also ask why I would bother even if it's an event that run for 3 or 4 days? I would say, my friend, you just need to go to SQLPASS SUMMIT 2015 website and read some numbers, you will surprise to see that there are thousands of people travelling to attend this SUMMIT and to listens the renown speakers including MCM, MVPs. Edwin Sarmiento ( T | B ), my colleague, SQL MVP, MCM and friend is kind of enough to write a guide for SQLPASS SUMMIT First Timer.  

So, let me end the surprise here, want to attend the SQLPASS SUMMIT 2016? Then I have something that would make you happy, and, that is the discount code worth 150$, yes, you've read it right. What you need to do is, while you are registering you need to provide the below details and avail 150$ discount. 

Your Chapter: Surat User Group
Unique Discount Code: LC15KCF8
*The discount code cannot be combined with any other PASS Summit 2016 registration, and cannot be applied retroactively

I would also suggest that you:
  1. Don't forget to read a guide for SQLPASS SUMMIT First Timer by Edwin Sarmiento ( T | B )
  2. Use the Unique discount code when you register for SQL PASS SUMMIT
  3. I am attending the SUMMIT this year, if you happened to attend this year, let's meet. I will be on twitter  

Thank you
Hemantgiri S. Goswami



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