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Change is inevitable, it's natural. I would like to quote few lines from Shrimad Bhagavad Gita says     Change is the law of the the universe.  In my opinion, change will bring good to your life, always. 

In 2004, I have started this blog, like others, this blog was started to make notes for myself so that it's available for me whenever and wherever I want to refer. Initially this blog was not public, as I was thinking and fearing that whoever is going to read will laugh at the way I am writing, the grammatical mistakes I do, the topic I choose to write and so on, and the most stupid reason was no one is going to read my blog.  I was reading few articles based on Shrimad Bhagvad Gita, where I read the above quote, and I thought, okay, let's begin the change. I made this blog public, conquer my fear of thinking people laughing at me and my mistakes. Now, I thought, the only way to learn new things is to read, and try, unless you don't do mistake you will have very less chance to learn how to improve, and that's why I never believe in perfection - it will never make you think of improvement, there is no 100% in my dictionary, it's always 90%. I remember the days when SQL Server Pedia and was managed by Brent Ozar, I wanted my blog to get syndicate there but I could not do that. The reason was grammatical mistake, and, since my attitude was to correct my mistake, Brent introduced me to Lori Edwards ( B ), Jeremiah Peschka ( B ) and Patrick Kansa ( B ) who have helped me tremendously to proof read my writing, suggesting and help modification in my posts. I would like to thank Brent Ozar, Lori Edwards, Jeremiah Peschka and Patrick Kansa for helping and inspiring me, and everyone who have helped me grow .

When  HA was newly introduced and was buzz word, I have been on some projects where I have to helped customer, and I failed it but then, I was able to author a book on that very topic, for beginners though. That means, I love and believe in the quote that I have mentioned in starting.  I was amateur blogger then, and I am still. 

This blog space is hosted on Blogger platform, it has served me well. But as I already mentioned, changed is inevitable and is only constant. Few days back, in my last post I have mentioned that it will be the new beginning. Well, here is an announcement, this blog space is moving to somewhere else. It will be on word press platform. It is still in in designing phase, I will make an announcement of it's new home in my next post. 

Keep loving me and keep visiting.

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