Here in this section of the page I will post the information about the books I liked most and the reason why I like them.

1. Since the beginning of my career I always love to explore the ways "how it works" be it Windows Operating system or my beloved SQL Server!! This book gives insightful information on what I want to learn always!

2. This book is authored by Ken Henderson, and was recommended by the most admired person in SQL Server Community in India - Vinod Kumar ( Blog | Twitter ) .

1. Writing a script / T-SQL has always been my weak point, kind of short hand!! Few months back I won the contest by Red Gate and I was asked to select a book I wish to read, how would I leave a chance to get into and learn I am not good at something. Reading this is so far so much of fun, Benjamin Nevaroj (Blog | Twitter) has made it so easy to understand

2. This book is reviewed by Grant Fritchy ( Blog | Twitter ) who wrote a book on SQL Serve Execution Plans earlier which is also one of my favorite read.